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How we work: The 3 defaults

I lead a small marketing team at a software company called Buzzsprout.

Over the years, we've found value in formalizing how we work into a series of defaults.

Defaults give everybody the same expectations (including the expectation that sometimes you change the defaults).

Here are the defaults for our team.

The 3 defaults

1. One place → Basecamp

By default, everything should be in Basecamp. While other tools may be better for specific use cases, they come at a high cost—managing multiple logins, missed notifications, and forgetting where things are located.

2. Default public

By default, our work should be public so anybody at Buzzsprout can gain context and answer their questions without asking for help.

3. Default written

With a distributed asynchronous team, we default to written communication. Text is the most powerful, useful, and effective communication technology ever, period. Text is searchable and portable, and it allows us to communicate asynchronously.